Christmas Light Installation in Idaho Falls- An Overview

The Christmas Light installation industry has grown tenfold in the last 10 years. The beauty of this industry is that virtually anyone can do it; no prior business knowledge is required. There are high school students, who make $18,000 or more in just 60 days, and anyone can make at least $30,000 in the 60 days leading up to Christmas. Great installers earn over $100,000 during the Holiday season. This is a solution to the dull 9-5 job. This business lets you be your own boss, work for yourself, and determine your own schedule. What the industry offers is an easy to start business opportunity. All one has to do is to follow the steps that are outlined in the business kit. It is an extremely easy step-by-step model that anyone can to learn and apply. Anyone can do it; yes, anyone! I have 9 years experience in running a successful Christmas Light Installation Business.

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This business plans creates a business opportunity that has proven successful for anyone who takes the principles and applies them. In this industry, you are simply selling a service that includes the installation and removal of Christmas lights on residential and commercial buildings and landscaping. Can it get any easier than that? Christmas Lighting has become one of the most lucrative add-on services, especially for people who run seasonal businesses in the summer who wish to earn big money during the winter months. It’s perfect for landscapers, painters, construction workers, and students.

Installing lights is an extremely profitable, low overhead, and easy to start business when you have the right mentor. As a general rule, the installation season begins in early October focusing mainly on commercial properties. This is when you will start to look for leads and begin your installations. The season ends in mid to late January when you’ve finished taking down all the lights from your clients’ homes and businesses. With a solid business plan, the right marketing materials & advertising strategy, and the know-how to pull it off efficiently, aspiring entrepreneurs can generate enormous revenue and achieve total financial freedom!