Know About Best Teen Fiction Books

Have you picked up a great book recently or came across interesting ebooks online? Whether you’re a reading enthusiast or simply interested in the latest book titles, one thing’s for sure – books serve a purpose. Fiction or non-fiction, books can engage, entertain and inform. With the explosion of exciting book titles in the market, it may be difficult for some readers to differentiate fiction from non-fiction books.Pop over to this web-site teen fiction books for girls.

Fiction and non-fiction can be classified according to three basic categories: words, purpose and writing style. Once you take these into consideration, you can easily identify which is which. Read on and find out.

-Imagination vs. Fact (Words)
The distinction between fiction and non-fiction lies on whether a text is based on the world of imagination (fiction) or the real world (non-fiction). Works of fiction are basically literature created from the imagination. Chick lit, crime thrillers, fantasy, mystery and romance are all fiction genres. Examples of classic fiction include To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens and Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. Non-fiction refers to literature based on facts. Meant to be factual, non-fiction involves real things, real people, real events, real places and real writing. Several ebooks online feature non-fiction literature such as biography, business, cooking, history, religion, science, self-help, travel and true crime.

-To Entertain vs. To Inform (Purpose)
Fiction and non-fiction books can likewise be differentiated according to their purpose. Fiction is meant to entertain while non-fiction is intended to inform. Fiction books are meant to draw on a reader’s emotions to create a sense of excitement and rouse their imagination. A fiction book is created with the intention of making the audience believe that the things they are reading about are actually occurring. Non-fiction books are mainly designed to educate the reader on various topics which are relevant for everyone. Fact-based, non-fiction books intend to inform readers about the who’s, what’s, when’s and where’s – real people, real events and real places.

-Symbolic vs. Straightforward (Writing Style)
The style in which fiction and non-fiction books are written is also a major factor in identifying the difference between the two. When you come across ebooks online, you will notice that fiction is more descriptive while non-fiction is more straightforward. Fiction tends to be more elaborate and descriptive. These books will ultimately entice the imagination of readers, allowing them to create their own interpretations. Directness and clarity are two vital components of a non-fiction book. Writers who specialize in writing non-fiction books concentrate on providing simple, direct prose that demonstrates an idea in a clear manner without additional imaginative interpretations.

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