Keedy’s Grill- A Closer Look

Restaurant advertising can be effective, but like all restaurant marketing activities it must be applied in the right way. Campaigns that only build a brand and have no specific reason for being are for the big restaurants that already have an image. And just ignore all of those ad sales reps that come begging for your restaurant marketing money to put an ad in another guide or newspaper. Keep this in mind: If advertising isn’t about making a sale, or achieving a specific goal, then don’t do it.

Your restaurant advertising should be about performance; your customer should do something following your advertisement. That means that you must first have a system for tracking and measuring the success of a restaurant advertising campaign, a compelling message and a clear call to action that motivates your restaurant customer to act. By that we mean telling the potential customer exactly what to do. For every piece of a restaurant promotion, whether an advertisement, the yellow pages a brochure, or an email, you must ask the potential customer to contact you, make a reservation, come to your restaurant, refer you or take some kind of action. Otherwise it’s a waste of your precious restaurant marketing budget and you’d be better off doing something else.

Make sure to follow these guidelines for all restaurant advertising and direct mail (flyers, emails, brochures, postcards, etc):

– Your restaurant advertisement must be in a publication or place that is targeted to the type of customer that you are looking for. If you are a family restaurant then make sure to put your advertisements in the local school newsletter or at the nearby childcare center. Our website provides info on  Keedy’s fountain grill

– The promotion piece must have a strong headline that clearly shows the benefit to the reader. You logo is not a strong headline. ‘Be Our Guest for a Before Dinner Drink’ is a powerful headline that attracts attention. Or if there is something extraordinary about your establishment – like the only waterside dining, or early happy hours, then shout that out. What is the biggest benefit that you can give to your customer? Identify it and then put it in your headline.

– Have a compelling offer. An offer both makes the reader act and allows you to track if the restaurant advertisement was successful or not. ‘Come celebrate our new opening with a FREE glass of wine.’ Your offer should be compelling enough that the reader says to himself ‘Why wouldn’t I do this? What do I have to lose?’

– Make it personal. Include pictures of yourself or your team and sign it with your name.

– Use conversational language that builds trust with your prospect and great compelling copy. If you need to, get someone to help you – it’s worth the investment to get it right.

– Have a clear ‘call to action’ that tells the person exactly what to do. “Call 1 800 303 3510 to reserve your table.” “Book now, spaces are limited.” Add an expiry date to any offer, which will create a sense of urgency and encourage people to act.

– Overcome scepticism. Use a guarantee or have a perceived expert speak for you. ‘The best sandwich in town or it’s on us.’ While there will be a few people who take you up on the guarantee, if you are confident with your product you will see that the new business will pay for any refunded money several times over.

– Use testimonials, especially if it is from press, local critics, or celebrities.

Like any marketing activity if you cannot clearly measure the benefit of your restaurant promotions then stop doing it and shift your money to doing something that clearly achieves your business goals. Don’t be afraid to stop advertising and regroup. There are many other effective restaurant marketing strategies that are just as much, or more effective than advertising.

If you’re finally ready for some real advice on how to build your restaurant business with proven information, resources, done for you templates and guidance about how you can work to transform your business (and your life) more than you can image, then I invite you to have a look at Win Win Restaurant Marketing.

Uknown Facts About Legal Kratom Canada

Unless you happen to live in Southeast Asia where the mitragyna speciosa trees grow, you’re probably not plucking kratom leaves off the trees to get relief.  Even then, it would probably be much easier to take it after processing to be sure what you’re taking.  That in mind, the following are the ways in which kratom users ingest the leaf.  You may find a method that is more applicable to your daily life, or simply more pleasant.

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Kratom powder—This is by far the most popular choice, as it is both the most accessible and the easiest to manage. The powdered form of kratom is actually leaves that have been cut, dried, and crushed into a form that can be swallowed with liquid.  Nothing else is required.  The different color strains—red, green, and white—have varied properties, of energy enhancement, sedation, and pain relief which make it a versatile form of consumption.

Kratom capsules—This is actually powdered kratom that has been placed in gel capsules to make pills. The upside of capsules is that they are even easier to take than loose powder, the time-released effects are more mild, and dosage amounts can be measured with precision since capsules are of equivalent size.  The downside, for some, is that time-release means they much longer to interact with the body, which may be prohibitive if you need quick pain relief or a burst of energy to get through a meeting that’s happening in ten site

Kratom Tea —The leafy makeup of kratom makes it an ideal ingredient for tea, which can be seen as a homebrewed version of kratom liquid (below). Like regular tea, it is made by applying boiling water to the leaves, where instead of extracting caffeine and flavor, the intent is to extract the alkaloids that make up kratom’s active ingredients.  Many will add honey, lemon, and sugar to the tea in order to dress up the powerful taste, but it’s a quick-acting alternative to washing down the powder with liquid.

Kratom liquid —This is made much in the same way the tea is made, except the leaves are boiled several times over and the alkaloids are extracted with more precision. What remains is a much higher concentration of alkaloids, which makes liquid one of the most potent forms of kratom consumption.  Tinctures of kratom liquid can be made at home with the right tools, but it would probably be much easier to simply purchase one online or from a local smoke shop.

Kratom Oil—This is yet another form of kratom in its liquid form, except oil contains less water, resulting in a viscous liquid that makes it an even more condensed gathering of alkaloids. This variety requires a special condenser machine that uses steam to “drip” the alkaloid-heavy residue from a powdered batch into a separate container.

Kratom Resin —Another product of the boiling process, though with variations on the applied heat and cooling which causes the residual alkaloid residue from the boiling to harden into a block. These blocks, sometimes called “pies”, are cut into smaller blocks, then dissolved in hot water, essentially making them a more convenient way to make kratom tea.  The difference is in the concentrations, which are much stronger than the kratom tea described above because the resin bits are nearly sold blocks of pure alkaloids.

Water Filtration To Improve Health and Beauty

Homeowner’s can transform their water supply from every showerhead and tap in their home into great tasting, clean water. A water filtration system can help provide homeowners with purified water that will save money and eliminate the inconvenience of dealing with bottled water.

You and the rest of your family members can drink water that is free of the harmful and drying effects of lead, iron, chlorine, and a host of other elements that can become a part of your water supply. You can also get rid of “hard water” that can cause your skin and hair to become dry and less smooth. With a water filtration installed in your home, you can get water that will provide your body with the hydration it needs to improve your beauty and health. Feel free to find more information at learn more here.

A water filtration system for your home will provide you with healthy water that will have a significant effect on your vitality and health. Water that is filtered and clean can provide you with many beauty benefits. If you drink proper amounts of filter water each day, it can help protect your health. If you have trouble drinking enough water, you should note that filtered water has the benefit of having a much better taste than regular tap water and may help you to start drinking more water. The following are some beauty benefits you can receive from drinking filtered water:

– Manageable and Softer Hair-if you use regular tap water that comes from the showerhead to wash your hair, you may notice that it is a little dry. The reason for your dry hair is that you are using municipal tap water that is often treated with chlorine. A water filtration system can eliminate chlorine from your water supply.

– Younger Looking Eyes-Clean water can make an enormous difference for healthy eyes because the cornea is at least 80 percent water.

– Clear Complexion-Your skin absorbs water when you wash it and whatever impurities are present in your water supply can get into your skin. With filtered water, you wash your skin with healthy and clean water.

– Healthy Aging-According to the AJE, females who consumed at least 5 glasses of water each day, had 41 percent less risk of heart attacks that females who consumed only 2 glasses of water per day.

– Hydrated Skin-The skin is the largest organ in the body and is exposed to a large amount of water. If the skin is exposed to pure water, it can have a great positive impact.

Drinking and using clean and healthy water each day can have a significant effect on our bodies as well as our surrounding. Our appliances, cleaning surfaces, food and more also benefit when we use a water filtration system to give us clean, safe, and healthy water. You can contact a reputable home improvement store to find information on the filtration systems they carry as well as any water softening treatments.